Eminem - Alfred's Theme (Lyric Video)

Опубліковано 5 тра 2021
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Eminem - Alfred's Theme (Lyric Video)




Music video by Eminem performing Alfred’s Theme (Lyric Video). © 2020 Marshall B. Mathers III


  • Junior Retucci

    Junior Retucci

    59 хвилин тому

    Eminem é o melhor. s2

  • K-RIM DJAZAÏR Amazigh

    K-RIM DJAZAÏR Amazigh

    3 години тому

    Eminem is a best rapper in history, this guy is too heavy for the industry, his flow is so crazy, his voice is classic, I find it crazy that people question his legitimacy because he is white, his musicality is so rich, I do not know if the Americans are aware of it but he has an audience in almost every country in the world, every continents, there are blacks, whites, Asians, Arabs, Indians, Latinos ... Only he and mickael jackson have turntable records over 4 decades, it's no coincidence ... In 2020 it is the rap artist who sold the most album at 48 years old it is unimaginable at this age and for this music, and some dare to say that it is finished, if it is finished, they are all finished then ... from 2010 to 2020 it is the artist in the world who sold the most physical album, more than 14 million. I am an Arab man born in France and believe me in all Arabic speaking countries he has a large audience, we do not look at color or religion but talent. After more than 20 years of career he is still at the top although some say, when he rap in gnat or godzilla or alfred's theme or killer, it looks like he is 20 years old, his flow is unmatched ... (from France 🇫🇷) 🐐🐐🐐🎤👌🤙🏼😉

  • The Player

    The Player

    5 годин тому

    The Goat

  • Garv Madan

    Garv Madan

    5 годин тому

    If you are seeing this after 25 years, This man was a legend and will be 😁

  • Skigo Ristick

    Skigo Ristick

    5 годин тому

    2:16 is my favorite verse

  • Matir Putul

    Matir Putul

    7 годин тому

    Even in 50..... You still can't catch this guy.
    Rap God 🔥❤️❤️

  • will broccolo

    will broccolo

    10 годин тому

    Still the goat... No doubt

  • Watrax Apps

    Watrax Apps

    10 годин тому

    "because if cleanliness is next to godliness it's obvious that it's impossible for me to be beside myself"

  • Harman Singh

    Harman Singh

    10 годин тому

    "If cleanliness is godliness, it's obvious it's impossible for me to be beside myself", incredible.

  • RaZoR WrAiTh

    RaZoR WrAiTh

    12 годин тому

    *Eminem:I just went to pee , I'm seeing star wars, I just ate a brownie, now I'm Elmer fudge😂🤣😭😅🌋🌚*

  • Nolan Huber

    Nolan Huber

    13 годин тому

    Why is this song way better when im not reading this lame music video?

  • Will Mack

    Will Mack

    14 годин тому

    I'm at a Stop n Go. That's and old party story from the 80s in Michigan. The name changed to Dairy Mart now it's the K store. Damn!!!!

  • ivin sunny

    ivin sunny

    14 годин тому

    I'm gonna overdose on this music

  • Scott Hayes

    Scott Hayes

    14 годин тому


  • EH


    15 годин тому

    Thank you marshal Mathers, thank you

  • Retrospect


    15 годин тому

    This man used wordplay this whole entire track he went off ngl he really is the lyric goat from what i just heard make sense

  • Zoey Foxis

    Zoey Foxis

    15 годин тому

    Bout time u released some gold u darn leprechaun

  • Lil Nya

    Lil Nya

    16 годин тому

    check my ball hair

  • Social therapist

    Social therapist

    17 годин тому

    for those who don't know, this was a freestyle and yes he said i'm diddy's side bitch and later edited it to i'm still east side bitch THAT WAS GODLY
    edit: thanks for the likes ya'll too kind

  • Thomas midnight88

    Thomas midnight88

    18 годин тому

    How can you be so perfect?

  • Hahny


    20 годин тому


  • Asdfghjkl Lkjhgfdsa

    Asdfghjkl Lkjhgfdsa

    21 годину тому

    Yea ive had more time to listen to this and bro this is some of the hardest shit ive ever heard.
    Eminem is at his peak now

  • Krugerツ


    21 годину тому

    Bringing back the slick Rick shit this is fire 🔥

  • Matei Magicuni

    Matei Magicuni

    22 години тому

    This is so good

  • VersusX


    22 години тому

    i didnt expect this to be actually good

  • Abdulaziz Lutfullayev

    Abdulaziz Lutfullayev

    День тому

    WTF !

  • Lrd _D34TH

    Lrd _D34TH

    День тому

    This is fucking amazing

  • Sheva Sheva

    Sheva Sheva

    День тому

    Eminem has always been my most inspirational motivation and a curriculum to do my own thing

  • EzLight


    День тому

    Yeah this is fire not gonna lie i listen to it everyday.

  • liyah nation

    liyah nation

    День тому

    "You say trash is all that I put out bitch I still get the bag when I am putting garbage out"
    I think he made the dictionary cause that was fire af

  • McFlurry 999

    McFlurry 999

    День тому


  • advancednewbie


    День тому

    This is the only song where the 'skirt skirt' has a meaning that I understand. Thanks Em.

  • 도리어


    День тому

  • 도리어


    День тому

  • Andrè 1500

    Andrè 1500

    День тому

    Eminem's lyrics video look better than full-length music videos from many rappers.

  • Mohammed Mahdi

    Mohammed Mahdi

    День тому

    If eminem was born a few centuries earlier, we'd be learning how to spit bars in music classes instead of Beethoven and Mozart stuff

  • B L A C K

    B L A C K

    День тому

    Holy shit the old shady's back!

  • david alonzo

    david alonzo

    День тому

    Alfred Hitchcock 🙌

  • Dylan Scholten

    Dylan Scholten

    День тому

    More music

  • Олег


    День тому

    Em is a lyrical miracle

  • Kelly Jheeh

    Kelly Jheeh

    День тому

    This is the jam,period.

  • Betul Kanca

    Betul Kanca

    День тому


  • American Prankster

    American Prankster

    День тому

    The crow when it took the eye 👁

  • Mr. OtakuWeeb

    Mr. OtakuWeeb

    День тому

    Before I check the mic (check, check, one, two)
    I give it an extra swipe with a Lysol disinfectant wipe (good evening)
    Coronavirus in effect tonight
    Antiseptics on deck, I got every type (yeah)
    I throw on my tux, then I (yeah) give zero fucks, then I (yeah)
    Act like a jockstrap (uh), cup my nuts, then I (yeah)
    Check my ball hair (what?), make sure it's all there (yeah)
    Then call the pallbearer (yeah)
    It's Music to Be Murdered By again, why stop?
    Overkill like a pipe bomb in your pine box
    You're all hitched to my cock (what?)
    Went from punchin' a time clock to getting my shot
    Then treated it like a cyclops
    Like it's the only one I got
    And my thoughts are like nines cocked (chk-chk)
    Every line's obscene, pervertedest mind, got the dirtiest rhyme stocked
    That's why there's parental advising (visine) every time I drop (eye drop)
    So throw on the theme to Alfred, I'll channel him like the Panama Canal
    But how could I get up in arms about you saying trash is all that I put out?
    Bitch, I still get the bag when I'm putting garbage out
    Plus, the potty mouth, I'm not about to wash it out
    The filthiest, so all this talk about "I'm washed up", how preposterous
    Because if cleanliness is next to godliness
    It's obvious that it's impossible for me to be beside myself
    And I'm 'bout that capital like a proper noun
    Still on top the pile
    Got me sitting on numbers like a pocket dial
    Quick to call you out on your bullshit
    Don't make me give that crock a dial
    'Cause if I do, it's see you later, alligator
    Made it out the trailer, then I made a vow to cater to no one
    So hate, I've gained about the same amount that's in my bank account
    So here's some more shit for you to complain about, I say the
    Bars that never slack, but always get attacked (yeah)
    I think they're gunnin' for me, it's startin' to feel like that
    Like I'm marked, 'cause when I rap, it's like fallin' on my back in a tar pit
    'Cause I have this target on my back (ew, yuck)
    But if I ever double-crossed my fans and lost my Stans
    I'd probably pop five Xans (yeah)
    Go in my garage, start my van
    Inhale as much carbon monoxide and exhaust I can
    And doze off like
    But odds like that, with these thoughts I have's
    Like a giant getting squashed by ants
    If this is the test of time, I'd pass with flying colors
    Like I just tossed my crayons (tossed my crayons)
    Small, medium, and large size cans
    Sanitizers of all types, brands, cost nine bands
    Which is a small price for Lysol wipes and
    If my palms brush across my pants, I wash my hands
    Shit, hold on, man
    Happy birthday to-
    Fuck (shh, quiet)
    I sit in silence in candlelit environments
    Sipping Wild Irish while getting violent
    Homicidal visions when I'm spitting like this
    But really I'm just fulfilling my wish of killing rhymes
    Which is really childish and silly, but I'm really like this
    I'm giving nightmares to Billie Eilish, I'm Diddy's side bitch
    What the fuck? Hold on, wait
    "I'm Diddy's side bitch?"
    Oh, I'm still east side, bitch
    So until the E-N-D, since EPMD
    Been givin' y'all the business (yeah), D-R-E and me (yup)
    From the MMLP to MTBMB (bitch)
    Bitch, it's 2020, you still ain't seein' me (haha)
    So call me Santa Clause (Santa Clause)
    'Cause at the present (yeah), I out-rap 'em all, I'm at the mall
    Got your bitch in a bathroom stall, she could suck a basketball (uh)
    Through a plastic straw (yeah) with a fractured jaw (damn)
    My dick is coat check (ha), she wanna jack it off (yeah)
    I'm so far past the bar, I should practice law
    Mentally, I'm fucked up General Lee (duh)
    Dukes of Hazzard car (yeah), get the cadaver dogs
    'Cause this is murder, murder and you'll get murked, murked
    This music 'bout to kill you, brr, brr (brr)
    This chicken hit my phone, she said, "Chirp, chirp"
    I said, "Hut, hut, hike your skirt, skirt"
    Then go eat some worms, like the early bird
    What the fuck is love? That's a dirty word
    Make me fall in it, there's not a girl on Earth
    Or any other planet, that's a world of hurt
    And I won't buy a designer, 'cause I don't pander (panda)
    But I'm back with so many knots, I need a chiropractor (damn)
    And this the final chapter, 'cause I'm either frying after
    Or they gon' give me the needle (what?) like a vinyl scratcher (DJ)
    Yeah, I'm a card, like Hallmark
    At Walmart with a small cart buying wall art
    And y'all who claim to be dogs aren't
    No bite, like a tree, mostly just all bark, arf, arf
    But y'all pickin' the wrong tree
    They call me dog because I'm bar king (bark, bark)
    And I got a lot, yeah, like where cars park
    I'd describe it as bowling (why?) ball hard (ball's hard)
    'Cause the gutter's where my mind is and when
    It's in this frame, better split like the five and the ten
    'Cause without a second to spare, I'm strikin' again
    And when the beat is up my alley, I go right for the pens (pins)
    The cypher begins
    I'm talkin' smack like heroin, the mic's a syringe
    It's like a binge, Vicodin, I would liken to tin
    My mind is a recycling bin
    There's no place I never been
    But I never budge and I never bend
    You hyperextend on me, this game's life, it depends
    Like adult diapers for men
    Even when I'm rappin' less stellar
    It's sour grapes, I still whine, I'm the best seller
    Like a trey deuce, spray you as these shots penetrate through Dre's booth
    And go straight through your grapefruit, no escape route
    So you won't leave here just scathed with a few scrape wounds
    Your ass is grass and I am not gonna graze you
    But if bars were semi-mac's, I'd be the Mad Hatter
    'Cause I got so many caps, and you don't have any straps (nah)
    So you'd be a fitted (yeah), so don't act like you fittin' to snap
    Bitch, I'll pee on your head like a Phillies hat (haha)
    No stoppin' me, you're on a window shopping spree
    Bitch, you probably go broke at the Dollar Tree
    You never buy shit, all you ever cop's a plea
    You're always punkin' out like Halloween
    You rather opt to flee, you need to stop it, punk
    Homie, you're not a G, act like you got the pump
    And you're gonna cock the heat or get the Glock and dump
    Bitch, if you shot a tree, you wouldn't pop the trunk
    Yeah, and I'm buddies with Alfred, we about to
    Disembowel them, gut 'em and scalp 'em, yeah
    This is 'bout to be the bloodiest outcome
    'Cause we gon' make you bleed with every cut from this album
    So I'm choppin' 'em up like Dahmer
    The nut job with the nuts that are bigger than Jabba the Hutt
    I'm in the cut, and I'm out for the blood
    It's lookin' like it's that time of the month
    Carvin' 'em up with the bars while I sharpen 'em up, dog and a mutt
    I'm gonna fuck your mom in the butt with a thermometer
    Fuckin' phenomenal, but
    Y'all'll get cut the fuck up like abdominals if you don't vámonos
    I keep droppin' like dominos, the formidable, abominable
    Stompin' a mudhole in my comp even if it's off the top of the dome
    Son 'em, get the Coppertone, I'm at the Stop and Go coppin' the Mop and Glo
    Got your stomach in knots like you swallowed rope
    You out of pocket though, like a motherfuckin' wallet stole
    Wait, why'd the beat cut off?
    Fuck it

  • Mahdinul Islam

    Mahdinul Islam

    2 дні тому


  • Jake Blue

    Jake Blue

    2 дні тому

    Eminem has so many homophones he must have Edger Alen Poe on speed dial.

  • Christ Pot Leaf

    Christ Pot Leaf

    2 дні тому

    Meth Ean Tich Rist Son Rising, Watch Out Rap God..

  • Jason Bright

    Jason Bright

    2 дні тому


  • Bhavil Pahad

    Bhavil Pahad

    2 дні тому

    coolll mann

  • djmikio


    2 дні тому

    I wonder when all the elitists that framed Em as low-brow entertainment are going to admit to themselves that he can dissect and reconstruct the English language on a James Joyce level?

  • Vince Carter

    Vince Carter

    2 дні тому


    • jefferson Greenidge

      jefferson Greenidge

      23 години тому

      u rite I guess

  • Zachary Etter

    Zachary Etter

    2 дні тому

    This guy's a fucking monster. Literally, you have to listen to the shit multiple times, aint a soul on this earth that can do this shit, PERIOD! I will praise EM till the day I DIE

  • Geg Hfg

    Geg Hfg

    2 дні тому

    I LOVE YOU SHIBA INU COIN 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤩🤩

  • The Duncan Clan

    The Duncan Clan

    2 дні тому

    Who thumbs down this ? L

  • XeoMak


    2 дні тому

    How does this only have 4M views?
    Lyrical genius!

  • sadraaa_8


    2 дні тому

    رپ فقد لرد جزایری این بچه مچه ها هیچن

  • Uncle Mamad

    Uncle Mamad

    2 дні тому

    OK i need a day off after listening to this

  • Sybil Sally

    Sybil Sally

    3 дні тому

    so when are they gonna give eminem the nobel lit prize?

  • M7 Productions

    M7 Productions

    3 дні тому

    Fk. 🔥 This is the legend I remember.

  • Clyde Da Janeiro Infinite

    Clyde Da Janeiro Infinite

    3 дні тому

    ya ur fresher than most like sum dusty weed when outlasten like my vapor Starting On Video Now Goon Used DROP THE BOMB AND UR PART IN THE KILLER REMIX Cause U Make Me Laugh But I Dont Laugh MR J JUST HEARS A DING WHEN HE HEARS THE CLUES

  • YngFernoe 1

    YngFernoe 1

    3 дні тому

    Call me santa cluas coz at the present i out rap em all 🤯

  • aragot ra

    aragot ra

    3 дні тому

    Considering Bragi was the god of music and poetry, i think we know who's skinbag he's wearing today....

  • Karm-Algamation


    3 дні тому

    This song’s a banger, but why is no one talking about how good these visuals are?

  • Jack Wardle

    Jack Wardle

    3 дні тому

    dope track

  • DJ Faded

    DJ Faded

    3 дні тому

    It's sour grapes, I'm still 'wine' I'm the best cellar

  • Michael Jefferson

    Michael Jefferson

    3 дні тому

    This my new favorite song

  • Tipsing


    3 дні тому

    The only reason Em doesn't have 300 million subs and is still gaining subs is because people forget they arent subbed. I wasnt until about 3 months ago because I thought that I already wad.

  • Arsh Ansari

    Arsh Ansari

    3 дні тому

    I am new to the main Lyrical core of em cn some one suggest me how to understand his lyrics technicalities

  • Ankit Tanwar

    Ankit Tanwar

    3 дні тому


  • LuFam


    3 дні тому

    A card is slang for a unique or odd person

  • Tom Figueiredo

    Tom Figueiredo

    4 дні тому

    This is Eminem ...

  • Rj Indian

    Rj Indian

    4 дні тому

    Today I learned that Lysol wipes pay a lot when it comes to advertising

  • Bernadette Hang

    Bernadette Hang

    4 дні тому

    The succinct cushion immunophenotypically escape because deal analytically tick up a nappy whiskey. depressed, unequal magic



    4 дні тому

    4:52 A reference to “Ass like that”

  • Greg Parks

    Greg Parks

    4 дні тому

    I'm like a silver dollar trying to make you hollar laughing out loud with the sound of the crowd get get get back
    Give me 50 feet lost sleep so i started counting sheep 1 Mississippi
    2 Mississippi 3 oops i can't count too high while looking at your knee highs
    Sorry Father forgive me for i have sinned
    I was too busy chasing dreams
    Looking upon a nightmare in disguise
    Rolling up with my best method of walking yeah I'm a baller where's the basketball shoot it through the hoop he shoots he scores lost time tracking
    So I'm back sliding in reverse man this gift is a curse ooh we come on people what's the next verse took a trip to pain in the fast lane
    Couldn't pay my bill for the roach motel
    So I'm steady trying to make something out of nothing must've been the hood dreams hood dreams
    Like a fly on the wall I'm mobbing the mall scene 3 check 1 and 2 trying to make it to Heaven riding a coat tale
    Now you see me now you don't like a ghost tale see me falling pick me up put me back on my feet please
    I'm just a simpleton watcha know about me lost frontin the shelves at the dolla store yeah must've been doing sumpn wrong highway robbery chalked it to the game lost hope trying to find my killa in 2015 oh well I'm back from the dead so don't mention it later
    Tell my daughter dayliannah i love her
    One day when i make money I'll be able to afford a place for her in my life
    Written by Greg Parks

    • NotSoSlimShady


      День тому

      Shut up greg.

  • Manny


    4 дні тому

    Alfred's Theme. From Batman. Word Up. Eminem

  • nocturnal_nick 1

    nocturnal_nick 1

    4 дні тому

    It’s crazy to me that he has to release these lyric videos to basically dumb it down for everyone but hey I’m all for it!

  • Google User

    Google User

    4 дні тому


  • Elvan Beatrice Cetin

    Elvan Beatrice Cetin

    4 дні тому

    Just wonderful !

  • Melissa Williams

    Melissa Williams

    4 дні тому

    You win... Where am I❤️

  • Katsuki Joestar

    Katsuki Joestar

    4 дні тому

    لما تسرق وورد بلايز من اودون ما حتصير اودون 😌☝️

  • D Bhakta Sanyasi

    D Bhakta Sanyasi

    5 днів тому

    On 🔥 ❤

  • vaargheee john

    vaargheee john

    5 днів тому


  • Frank Stein

    Frank Stein

    5 днів тому

    Nice try dye face. Hitchcock is cool. You're NOT cool Eminem.

  • The Big Dawg Shane Lake

    The Big Dawg Shane Lake

    5 днів тому

    The fact this man laid such a word game on everyone and made this vid to be like a Hitchcock movie...legend move

  • NoTToXiCLuL


    5 днів тому

    wow amazing

  • Tuna mc

    Tuna mc

    5 днів тому

    I just have to listen to this daily , am like a zombie . It's 9am and am thinking of this banger

  • Bumpy2 Bumpy2

    Bumpy2 Bumpy2

    5 днів тому

    What took you 41 minutes longer than ment 2 to dig the hole 🖕

  • Red Lobbster

    Red Lobbster

    5 днів тому

    Yeah I got a lot, like where cars park 😂

  • Reinaldo Mckeovey

    Reinaldo Mckeovey

    5 днів тому

    The agreeable trick sadly share because frown statistically appear times a deafening umbrella. lyrical, inconclusive swiss

  • Katastrophic Beatz

    Katastrophic Beatz

    5 днів тому

    Em is a fkn Monster with the lyrics...has been for decades now! GOAT!

  • Midnight X Swami

    Midnight X Swami

    5 днів тому

    Slim Shady?? is that you ??

  • Chicago galaxy

    Chicago galaxy

    5 днів тому

    who is he dissing this time? 😭

    • Ms Arman

      Ms Arman

      22 години тому

      Billie eilish

  • Mark Anthony Vincent

    Mark Anthony Vincent

    6 днів тому

    To the people in the comments typing the lyrics out............WE ARE WATCHING THE LYRIC VIDEO.

  • Qtaro Kujo

    Qtaro Kujo

    6 днів тому

    Yo alfred got a nice beat

  • Mn5ol 5-iq

    Mn5ol 5-iq

    6 днів тому

    The amount of bars gave me a fucking headache man .

  • محمد ريتارد_cring

    محمد ريتارد_cring

    6 днів тому

    21 years and he stil make good music

    • Robert Germain II

      Robert Germain II

      6 днів тому

      Most definitely.

  • Lvg Player

    Lvg Player

    6 днів тому

    Nice man
    Iove from India 🇮🇳

  • Danish


    6 днів тому

    How many of you have noticed Billie Eilish.

  • Tom MacDonald

    Tom MacDonald

    6 днів тому

    Will someone tell my daddy Slim that I need his attention?